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Our site will not reveal personal information to third parties or company except situations specified in this privacy policy and user agreement. Generally, the information our company collects on the Site is used only for its own internal purposes, for example, to determine customer profile and to make statistical studies and it can be shared with third parties only to make this statistical studies.

MAXBİLİŞİM undertakes to keep personal information as private and confidential, to assume this as a liability to keep secret, and to take all necessary measures and to pay necessary care in order to keep and maintain confidentiality and prevent that all or any part of confidential information is made public or used in an unauthorized manner or disclosed to any third party. In case confidential information are damaged or received by third parties as a result of attacks made to the Website and the system despite of taking all necessary information security measures, ORTADOĞU GROUP shall not be held liable.

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It is involved below the agreement for the use of the website. USER and MAXBİLİSİM SOFTWARE must obey this necessity.

This Agreement is agreed and entered between Maxbilisim Internet Services (It is mentioned shortly as "MAXBİLİSİM" this protocol herein) and Person/Company which use the web site via sale or renting (It is mentioned as USER).

a) This agreement is agreed between MAXBİLİSİM and USER to being used of prepared or special web packages and free or premium web soft wares (It is mentioned as Web Site hereafter).
b) Your e-mail address specified in the order form is accepted as permanent address.
c) This agreement is arranged as 8 main articles.
This agreement arranges relation between MAXBİLİSİM and USER during Web Site`s renting or use.

This agreement become effective when USER give Web Site order from MAXBILISIM  internet website or MAXBILISIM dealer and  gain validity by publishing the Web Site under the domain name chosen by USER and continues 1 year-round if service / products are given through renting. If the agreement is not abolished at the end of 1 year and annual renting cost is paid by the USER to MAXBILISIM bank account the agreement is considered renewed.

Renting or purchase cost of the relevant Web Site subject to the agreement is specified in the page where order form is found. Calculation is made from current costs during order and the Web Site is activated within dates given to customer by the result of USER`s payment of this cost with credit card or bank transfer and after this any additional fee is not asked from USER for the year included the agreement. Renting cost includes domain (should be paid annual) , hosting and software updates costs.
a) 1 (item) domain dns specification is maked for hosting space presented to USER by MAXBILISIM.
It cannot be asked to be changed of domain name. This domain cannot be sold and hired. It cannot be presented for someone to use.
b) It is assumed that USER accepts hosting system, e-mail system and programs in MAXBILISIM server exactly when USER buys Web Site service.
c) Any information and image entry to the site content belongs to USER.
d) Works of MAXBILISIM is delivered in the way of renting or lifetime usage to customers. Customer can change site content via admin panel which is delivered to himself. Any open code source is not delivered to customer in no way.
e) Conditions and Rules in address is valid for International domain registrations. Customer is assumed to have accepted these conditions as buying registration service.

a) USER have the right of using the Web Site during the agreement. Therefore, USER cannot be sold, hired or transferred the Web Site to any third parties.
b) USER can not publish any program or content against copyright and license rights in his Web Site. Only USER is exactly responsible for the Web Site content. USER commits, accepts and declares that the Web Site content will not be against T.R. laws. In case the Web Site content is against to laws, MAXBILISIM will not accept any responsibility.
c) MAXBILISIM commits continuity and workableness of USER`s Web Site during the agreement except technical flaws and necessities.
d) When USER request for their Web Site, MAXBILISIM decide itself whether it can perform or not by evaluating request.
e) Web Site is only published in servers specified by MAXBILISIM. USER cannot request to publish his Web Site in other servers.
f) MAXBILISIM always guarantee of USER`s Web Site accessibility during the agreement except technical necessities and compelling reasons.
g) USER cannot host pornographic image, video or text in Web Sites are maked by MAXBILISIM.
h) USER approves to put reminder text (max. 10 points size) for MAXBILISIM copyright etc. at the bottom of the Web Site and accepts giving for MAXBILISIM web page link to this text.
i) MAXBILISIM can notice changes, developments, explanatory info for new service and products about Web Site through administration panels.

Compelling Reasons
Natural disasters, fires, terrorism, social explosions (large-scale riot, general strike etc.), sickness, imprisonment, prohibitions imposed by Legislation, major economic crises, bankruptcy, technical problems arising from Turk Telekom and Domain Register company are compelling reasons.

USER can abolish the agreement providing that he will notice at least 5 days before use time of Web Site when he does not want to take Web Site server.
MAXBILISIM can abolish the agreement as one-sided in case of determination of use  of Web Site against the agreement or does not making payments timely. In case of agreement cancellation, payments belong previous periods are not returned to USER.
MAXBILISIM will send about new content and payment conditions for service extensity of next period making notification through e-mail or fax before 5-10 days from end of 1-year publish time of Web Site. In case of negative notification about service content of next period by customer/user,   it can be terminated as mutual for services.

a) Parties accepts that Istanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices will be authorized in case of all kind of disputes for this agreement.
This agreement will become effective with the start of the service.