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Dynamic Website Softwares where you can manage all your site content through your panel

Web site design is one of the most important ports which link company to the outside world and provides publicity of company`s institutional identity in the national and international network media nicely. Web design is web pages contain auditory and visual elements. Web site, however, is the content which consist of these pages totally and takes place in the internet. Company`s products and services are introduced detailed and widely by means of web site. Also, company can transmit the information to customers, dealers and distribution organizations via web site.
Companies` presence on the internet has gained great importance as the internet use has become widespread and has become an inseparable part of the life. Internet is the most important communication tool used by a wide crowds today. At the same time, web site is a big and low-cost market which companies commercialize theirs products easily. Web site design cost is well below expenses of advertisement, brochures and similar materials in a year. Web site is a media environment which reach people in the fastest way who want to be informed about any matter and protect its topicality easily. Facilities provided by web site can be ordered like that: There is no importance being close the market geographically because of reaching target people without using any intermediary.
Company image will be enhanced. Developments and innovations about company will be announced instantly and any change will be applied immediately. Electronical catalog and brochure cost will be lower than the catalogs and brochures made in the paper. It will be environmentalist, continuous, and renewable advertisement means. Web store will provide gaining customer via 7/24 access from all over the world even company is closed.


Maxbilişim makes mobile web sites suited 100% to IOS and ANDROID mobile phones.  Mobile design is integrated module with MaxPro and your web site panel and mobile panel system works as integrated.

Integrated Systems with your Facebook Page

When you add your site new product or data, your entries will be automatically send to your Facebook page or all your Facebook pages if you have more than one with your site settings.

Standard Shopping Site
Bank transfer and paying at the door is included. Credit Card System, Payu Integrated Standard Shopping Site Sale and different payment systems optionally can be made with extra cost.

Standard Panel Features;
- You can do your site`s title, description fields and e-mail settings with system settings.
- You can add google etc. site codes to your system and when you wish you can open or close your site.
- You can change your site`s main text font and sizes. You can also manage almost 95% of your web site included background image, logo and all images in site through advanced PHP admin panel system without any coding language for all fields.
- You can make automatic translation done activating google translation or you can add unlimited languages entering words` meanings yourself.
- You can activate search box in your site, add unlimited contact field and change the site image activating mobile image inclusive of a number of features.
- You can create a great menu system with unlimited menu entry feature and up to 7 sub-menu category of each one.
- You can shape menu and some explanation fields with advanced editor system (Word etc.) as you wish.

Wide Modular System
Your web site software is prepared as you wish and/or in the free and fee several modules below can be integrated to your system according to site content by us.